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director's notes

duncan jones

In the back of my mind I knew I wanted Clint to do the score for Moon, but my producer and I were both trying to be fairly practical, and had already assumed that Clint would be far too busy on ‘prpoer’ movies to work with us. The itch would not go away though, and eventually, after having cut half the film to temp tracks that were mainly clips from Clint’s other scores, we decided that it was worth talking to him, you know, just in case. We might get lucky. We were…incredibly.

There’s not really any other way to say it; Clint Mansell is one of the most talented film composers working. It goes beyond his ability to write truly epic and memorable phrases, it’s the fact that in the case of Moon, he truly invested himself emotionally in understanding what were trying to do. In my experience, that’s not standard operating procedure. That’s not the approach of a Hollywood ‘jobsman’. He cared. He wanted to understand. He approached the film as what he is; an artist. And in Clint’s case, a very special, very talented one at that.

I don’t know if Clint will appreciate me saying this, but he is an incredibly sensitive, empathetic guy. He really understood the mood and the feelings that were at the root of the film, the non sci-fi heart of what Sam Rockwell and I were trying to get at, and he knew just how to bring out the best of what we’d been able to do. My role as a diector became very simple when working with Clint; to point out subtleties when needed, and to make suggestions when any given approach might not be paying off the way we hoped. But mainly my job became to just sit back and enthuse at how much better my film was becoming because of what Clint was doing.

Moon was my first feature film, and I have been truly lucky to work with two contemporary greats in Sam Rockwell and Clint Mansell. I hope it’s the beginning of a long working relationship.