BERLIN - 2020

Grief, loss, pain, are by no means unique to any individual, no one is spared.
And while the experience is universal, it’s also the most lonely place.

Heather died October 16, 2014.

In ‘Levels Of Life’, author Julian Barnes lists the ‘lasts’ he shared with his wife before her death. The last film Heather and I watched together was the Julian Schnabel film of Lou Reed performing ‘Berlin' live at St Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn in 2006.

Reimagining this music, with musician and producer Clint Walsh - a friend who became a great friend through this experience - is part of what lifted me over a wall of grief that I had previously been unable to climb.

So this is dedicated to Heather, and Lou, with love.

Clint Mansell – Los Angeles 2020

The mere idea of changing anything from the original work risks coming across as arrogant or audacious. Respect for its author, as well as those who have inspired it, is etched into every detail of this tribute.

Through overwhelming grief, heartbreak and loss, the journey of our record is its own story to tell.

The same things that cause pain can be the same things that heal. Sometimes, the only way out is through.

Clint Walsh – Los Angeles, 2020