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clints notes

I’m not sure when I first heard about Loving Vincent.

I know when it came into focus but it some ways I felt like it had always been there. It’s weird how life wounds deeply at times, then offers healing and comfort to follow. This was the gift from Dorota. Dorota who wouldn’t take ‘no' for an answer. Like all the best gifts, I didn’t even know that I needed it. The gift of expressing my grief, doubts, fears, loneliness & passions, through the grief, doubts, fear, loneliness and passions of one of the world’s great artists.

Madman, genius, layabout? Who couldn’t relate to at least one of those? Despair, anxiety, self-doubt. What riches! I’m fine tuned for those feelings. Mind you, aren’t we all these days?
Van Gough’s maxim of ‘expression over skill’ positioned him as one the first punks. In my mind at least. An outsider. Free from societal conventions of ‘fitting in’, Vincent was allowed to become Van Gough.

Current society feels like it is pulling back. Borders are being built. Defences are being drawn. Art knows no borders, and Loving Vincent is the result of a truly international collaboration. Artists from all over the globe came together to celebrate one man’s art through our own.

Vincent wrote ‘Love in spite of everything’ - don’t let anyone tell you anything else.