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director's notes

massy tadjedin

Music can offer a film it’s pulse. I really became conscious of this when I realised that much of the music comprising the playlists to which I was listening when I wrote were film scores. Last Night, like every script I’ve written, had its own playlists, and like each, it had a great deal of Clint Mansell on it. His music has been to me, for so long, magical. Magical.

I didn’t know Clint when I sent him the script. I sent it to him in a wishlist-sort-of-way. Clint being Clint read the script without discrimination and was a gracious enough to see an assembly of the footage.

And that is how Last Night received so much of its color, unsaid-ness, and glue. Like the finest writing I’ve read, Clint’s music grips unexpectedly and stays with you as long as it does in exactly the same way. For what we had managed to capture and steal and amass, Clint provided tone, shading, pacing and the indefinable otherness only music can. And he did so beautifully. And so kindly.

I’m very happy the soundtrack is finally available – not least because I hope there are more writers out there who might carry on – farther, better and so much more happily – because of Clint’s gorgeous music.